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Keenan MK240DP-EFS (Electric Filter Switch)

Keenan MK240DP-EFS (Electric Filter Switch)

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A Full Feature Double Filter Fuel Management System Perfect For Mid to Large Size Motors

The MK240DP is a dual filter model that can clean up to 240 gallons of diesel fuel per hour.  It does far more than just filter your fuel. It also keeps your entire fuel system clean through a preventative process called “fuel polishing,” which removes contaminants, water and impurities before they are ingested into the engine. It’s double filter functionality also allows you to switch filters on the fly without stopping the motors.

    The MK240DP includes a remote warning panel to alert you about any potential problems, as well as an integrated fuel pumps for bleeding, priming and backup of the main engine fuel pump. It also uses commonly available Racor® filters, so you know you should be able to find a new one no matter where you are in the world.

    • Dual filter design allows for filter switching and replacement without stopping motor(s)
    • Fuel polishing ensure clean fuel delivery, no matter the source, for reduced maintenance costs
    • Remote warning panel alerts operator of problems before they get to the motor and can be installed in any location convenient for the operator
    • Advance warning also allows for use of finer micron filter
    • Optional EFS system allows for remote manual, or automatic, filter changes from warning panel
    • Separate fuel pump can be used as back-up if main motor pumps fail
    • System testing allows operator to verify fuel system integrity before operation or after maintenance
    • Optional pressure transducer monitors vacuum and  data logging and settings
    • Optional GSM interface for remote monitoring
    • Uses widely available genuine Racor® elements
    • Machined from high quality aluminum & stainless

    MK240DP Specifications

    Height 22.85"
    Width 18.68"
    Depth 8.48"
    Weight5 44 lbs
    Gallons Per Hour (GPH) 240
    Number of Filters 2
    Remote Warning Panel Included
    Electric Filter Switching (EFS) Included
    Fuel Polishing Yes
    Internal Priming Yes
    KGSM8 Compatible Yes

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