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Keenan MK1500DP

Keenan MK1500DP

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High Capacity Primary Fuel Filter & Polishing System Provides Up To 1500 GPH of Clean Fuel. Our largest system, the new MK1500DP is the professional, dual filter solution for large boat fuel filtering and stored fuel polishing. With up to 1500 gallons per hour capacity, it ensures clean fuel delivery for reliable, non-stop engine operation.

Product Features

  • Allows filter replacement without stopping motors.
  • Removes emulsified water that destroys injectors.
  • Top loading filter elements for quick & efficient  replacement.
  • Fuel polishing routinely cleans contaminants from stored fuel for clean, dry fuel delivery.
  • Internal fuel passages & fill pump for internal priming & servicing.
  • Electric Filter Switch (EFS) allows operator to switch filters from the remote warning panel when the filter starts to clog or water is detected.
  • Advance warning allows operator to use a lower micron pre-filter for overall cleaner engine fuel delivery.
  • Early filter clog & water detection limits potential inadvertent engine shut down.
  • System allows the operator to test the system for indication and integrity before operation, or after maintenance has been performed.
  • Uses readily available FBO filters.

MK1500DP Specifications

Height 41"
Width 28.64"
Depth 22"
Weight 160 lbs
Gallons Per Hour (GPH) 1500
Number of Filters 2
Remote Warning Panel Included
Electric Filter Switching (EFS) Included
Fuel Polishing Yes
Internal Priming Yes
KGSM8 Compatible Yes

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