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CPMK60DP-EFS Complete Dual Filter Catamaran Package

CPMK60DP-EFS Complete Dual Filter Catamaran Package

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CPMK60DP-EFS Catamaran Complete Package

Everything you need to optimize your catamaran with a complete cross-feed fuel system. Each CPMK60DP-EFS PKG Cat Package comes mounted on two separate boards that each include one MK60DP-EFS filter systems and a KCM375 Cat Manifold. It also includes two 45’ lengths of cable to connect to the KP600 Control Panel, which is also included.

Package Includes:

2 - MK60DP-EFS Filter Systems

2 - KCM375 Cat Manifolds

2 - Mounting Boards

2 - 45' Lengths of Control Panel Connection Cable

2 - KP600 Remote Location Control Panel

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